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If the patient suffers from manifestations of hypotonic dyskinesia, then this condition is characterized by dull and aching pain, in which there is also a feeling of fullness in the right hypochondrium. Such pain constantly worries the patient, while his appetite noticeably decreases, the person often feels sick, and belching appears. The rise in body temperature is not observed, a clinical blood test also does not indicate the presence of abnormalities.

If we are talking about hypertensive dyskinesia, then the pain is paroxysmal in nature. In this case, the pain is quite acute, but lasts a short period of time. Pain may radiate to the right shoulder or shoulder blade. Especially often such attacks occur after eating fatty foods, strong stress, both physical and emotional. Very often, patients with hypertensive dyskinesia note a manifestation of bitterness in the mouth, which most often happens in the morning.

As a rule, with biliary dyskinesia, patients seek help from doctors almost immediately after the first attack of pain. But many of them, having removed unpleasant symptoms, stop the prescribed treatment, thereby provoking the development of complications. Biliary dyskinesia has a fairly favorable prognosis and does not reduce the patient's life expectancy. But in the absence of amantadine pills treatment and non-compliance with the recommendations of a nutritionist, the development of the above complications is inevitable. And even these diseases are not dangerous for human life, but the patient's condition will worsen significantly, eventually leading to disability.

Features include:

    A significant role in the diagnosis is played by instrumental examinations of the patient. The most effective results are given by duodenal sounding, ultrasound, gastroduodenoscopy, cholecystography. It is also necessary to carry out a differential diagnosis of symmetrel pills other pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, in which similar symptoms are noted.

    • In adults, treatment should be comprehensive, aimed at normalizing the outflow of bile and preventing its stagnation in the gallbladder.
    • How to treat biliary dyskinesia? For this, the following methods are used in the treatment of biliary dyskinesia.
    • Mandatory methods of treating dyskinesia are the normalization of the regime of work and rest, diet, medication and the use of tubes. All other methods are auxiliary, and can be applied at will and if possible.
    • The duration of the application of mandatory methods of treatment of dyskinesia is 3-4 weeks. Auxiliary methods can be used much longer, periodically repeating courses in order to prevent the recurrence of the disease.

    Since dyskinesia refers to diseases caused by a violation of nervous regulation, directly depends on the state of the psyche, before starting the treatment of motor activity disorders in the biliary tract when using choleretic drugs, it is necessary to restore the mental background of the patient. If the pathology appeared against the background of a depressive state, it is necessary to prescribe a course of mild antidepressants. If the violation of the process of bile secretion was caused by severe anxiety, neuroses, then it is advisable to buy symmetrel online with neuroleptics and tranquilizers.

    • Such drugs can be prescribed by a psychiatrist or a psychotherapist. In addition, the cause of dyskinesia is treated. correction of dysbacteriosis, elimination of hypovitaminosis, treatment of allergies, antihelminthic therapy. The choice of drugs to restore the functions of bile formation and bile secretion depends on the type of dyskinesia.
    • Therapy in each case is selected individually, and for this you need to contact a specialist. A comprehensive examination will be prescribed, and after making a diagnosis, the doctor will select the appropriate drugs. Self-medication is dangerous. misrecognizing the symptoms can only lead to a worsening of well-being.
    • Nutrition is the cornerstone of treatment for dyskinesia. Only through strict observance of the rules, it is possible to avoid the occurrence of seizures and to prevent surgical complications such as cholelithiasis and acute cholecystitis. Diet for dyskinesia implies compliance withgeneral rules of nutrition, however, there are points that differ significantly depending on the type of disease (hyperkinetic and hypokinetic). The following foods should be completely excluded from the diet for any type of dyskinesia.

    Features of nutrition in hypomotor dyskinesia. The diet should consist of foods that stimulate the motility of the biliary tract. In the presence of this form of pathology, it is imperative to exclude from the daily diet products that stimulate bile secretion and bile formation. soda, broths, fresh vegetables, fatty dairy and dairy products, black bread, animal fats. With any form of dyskinesia, it is necessary to eat 5 to 6 times a day in small portions (the contents of a serving should fit in two handfuls). Do not allow breaks between meals for more than 2 hours. All meals and drinks should be warm or at room temperature, not cold or hot, because too high or low temperatures can trigger an attack of dyskinesia. Salt must be limited, consuming no more than 3 g per day to order amantadine fluid stagnation in the tissues. Cooking various dishes should be done by boiling, baking or steaming.